It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.  – Anonymous

On a warm Memorial Day weekend, in their beautiful luscious backyard, Tom & Jeannie were married.

The ceremony was very small and intimate – just their children (six between them!), family, and close friends. The central theme of their love story is home – when I met with Tom and Jeannie, they told me all about the renovations and changes they’d made to the house they share in the past year, and how it reflected their commitment to each other.  This was such a beautiful notion.

The weather was nearly summer and gorgeous, but it was a little windy!

Jeannie’s daughter was the Maid of Honor, and Tom’s friend was the Best Man.  The had a very small recessional up the steps to the lawn, where Tom and Jeannie exchanged vows and rings.

More of photos of this ceremony can be found on my gallery page.

One of the most beautiful things about weddings is the power of love and memory that is imbued into the objects and places surrounding the ceremony.  Tom and Jeannie will spend time in their backyard, and always have the memory of that first kiss as a married couple whenever they see the green lawn.  It really creates a sacred, special place.

I also love the idea of getting married the weekend of a holiday – it gives that holiday extra meaning for you, AND you can usually get an extra day off of work for a nice anniversary getaway in the future!!