Lorrie and Jessica were married in a beautiful, simple ceremony in Lorrie’s parent’s backyard this past weekend.

I immediately clicked with both of them – they had a ton of great ideas for the ceremony, and it really felt like a collaborative effort.

The couple really wanted to exchange a red rose as a symbol of their love for each other – we placed it with the vows, so after saying their vows, they presented the other with a red rose.

Lorrie & Jessica

Let this rose be a reminder that love has joined you together, that it is love that makes relationships endure, and it is this love that you cherish more than anything in all the world. For love that is nurtured never dies. It blossoms into something glorious to behold – as beautiful as a rose.

We also had a unity candle, with the tapers lit by the brides and their mothers, and it was used to close the ceremony – so once the center flame was (symbolically, as it was windy) lit, they were declared married!

Jessica and Lorrie took their first steps as a married couple to a family friend performing “No One” by Alicia Keys – such a beautiful song, and such a beautiful moment. All in all, it was a perfect ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony, Jessica and Lorrie each gave me huge hugs, and presented me with a yellow rose, to thank me for the work on their ceremony. I couldn’t have been happier, and those two amazing women have truly found their perfect partners.

Jessica & Lorrie