Welcome, Off-Beat Bride readers!

Off Beat Bride is one of my favorite resources for wedding inspiration.  Part of the reason I got into this whole Celebrant thing is that I LOVE weddings.  I love talking about weddings, I love planning weddings, I love looking at pictures, discussing color schemes and floral arrangements and cake choices – everything.  But most of all, I love when weddings reflect the couple getting married in a really personal, really special way.

And that’s where the Celebrant can come in!  Using my ceremony expertise, and your ideas, we can work together to create the perfect ceremony for you.  I can include any rituals, traditions, elements, or wording that you like.  And make sure that we don’t include anything you don’t want to include.

When it comes down to it, a wedding is all about your relationship – who the bride and groom are as individuals, and how they complement each other as a couple, together, as they become a married couple.  A custom wedding ceremony can really highlight this.  It’s my passion – creating beautiful wedding ceremonies that are EXACTLY how you’ve always imagined them.  It’s what I love to do.

Please, feel free to take a look around my website, and, of course, contact me with any questions!