My friend Lindsey does an Etsy Friday every week on her blog – she takes a theme, and finds fabulous stuff on Etsy that fit within the theme.

I was going to do a straight wedding ceremony Etsy Friday, but then I started looking up the first item on my list – Ring Bearer Pillows/Bowls/Etc – and saw SO many great options that I knew it was going to take a few Fridays to hit them all!

So here’s the first installment – Ring Bearer Props!  And you don’t have to have a ring bearer to take advantage of these lovely details… if you have a table at the front with other props for the ceremony (unity candle, sand ceremony, wine, etc), you can add a ring pillow or a ring plate on there to store the rings until their big moment – and not have to worry about them!

I did a wedding in January that used these lovely little ring bowls from Paloma’s Nest.  I just love the simple elegance of them, and you can even get custom sayings printed!  Afterwards, it’s a sweet reminder of your wedding day, hung on the wall, or set up with a little plate frame on a shelf. [via Paloma’s Nest]

Lovely little love birds on a ceramic leaf, with ribbons to hold the ribbon on.  There are a ton of other bird inspired wedding accessories (including some adorable cake toppers!) in her shop, too! [via Rain’s End]

These pillows come with a matching tie!  And in her shop, you can get more ties for all of the men in the wedding can coordinate! [via Me and Matilda]
These plates are customized with a your name and wedding date.  Her shop has some more very cute options too (including “The Perfect Pear” with a little pear icon!). [via Just Wright Boutique]

I love that you can choose the colors and little flourish in the corner to match your wedding colors.  I also loved this one by the same seller, with a beautiful gathered purple velvet rose! [via Artful Beginnings]

This little ring nest is just so adorable! It would be perfect for a wedding in the woods! [via LuckeyU]

If you’re a little worried about your ring bearer losing the rings – keeping them safe in a box is a great option! [via Details! Creations] just love that this ring pillow is made from a vintage quilt.  If you have any sewers or quilters in your family or circle of friends – having them whip up a small quilt square to use as a pillow is an easy way to get a beautiful, personal pillow, imbued with some nice love! [via Sew.. That’s It]

I just love the colors of this pillow.. the bright green and teal contrast really beautifully with the textured pillow! [via Maihar Design]

Just a few of the many options to have your ring bearer carry on your day.  If you want to have a beautiful accent with these, but have a younger ring bearer or are scared that the rings may be lost – many people will tie fake rings to the pillow/bowl, with the best man and maid of honor holding the real ones (just in case).  That’s always an option to help alleviate last minute wedding jitters!