I’ve noticed, in my Google stats, that I get an awful lot of hits for “Eclectic Wedding Readings” – so I thought I should try to help those Google-ing brides out by sharing some of my favorite places to find (awesome) readings for your wedding.

You can always check out my post on incorporating readings into your ceremony, as well, if you’re not sure where to stick that fabulous reading you HAVE to have into your ceremony!

My go to wedding reading depositories are this Offbeat Bride post and this thread on Indie Bride.  They both take a little bit of digging, but it’s worth it.  Go through them, and copy and paste anything out to save it for later, in case you want to use them!

For some more “traditional” ideas, check out this site or this site.

Look to your favorite books – maybe a book you’ve both enjoyed, or a poet or artist that you admire.  And don’t think that these all have to be about love!  Look for some good wedding themes – commitment, togetherness, or anything else that really represents what you want your wedding to reflect.

As you browse the internet, combing through pages and pages of love poems, here’s a suggestion: start a Google Notebook to collect your “clippings.” Kind of like an easily maintained internet scrapbook, you can copy and post love quotes, poetry, and readings you are considering into it, as well as links (for when you find a good sight of readings you may want to share).  I have a Google Notebook I use to collect wedding readings and quotes that I may want to use at a later point – I also like that you can make them public, to share with anyone you’d like, or leave them there just for you to access.
So, Eclectic Wedding Reading Searchers, I hope this helps you out.  Best of luck on your wedding journey!