Today’s Etsy Friday was inspired by a beautiful locket I spied on the front page of Etsy earlier this week.  I love when couples incorporate items that have a specific meaning or memory into their wedding ceremony, and the locket would be perfect to place a small photo in, and pin to the bride’s bouquet – a unique and beautiful way to remember someone close to your heart who can’t be there today.

This Etsy Friday explores ways to remember special people in your wedding, as well as ways to remember your wedding ceremony after it is over! via MStevevsonDesigns

This shop has beautiful enamal lockets in all different colors and shapes – perfect as an accessory with your dress, or to tie into your bouquet with a special photo – perhaps a loved one who has passed on, or simply a favorite photo of you and your fiance – creating a wonderful keepsake for after the wedding. Words on Canvas viaGeeZee’s Shop

Print your Love Story, a special reading, or your vows on canvas, to hang in your home, maybe next to a wedding photo?  I love the idea of being able to read a portion of your own wedding, to bring back vivid memories of the special day. Wedding Time Capsule via VonderBerry

Place a few items into this custom time capsule, to be opened and added to on your anniversaries – copies of your vows, maybe some dried flowers, a program, a place-card.. special little items you know you’ll want to keep and remember later.  They suggest adding a bottle of wine, too, to be opend and savored at a later point. Bridal Dress Label via LJO Custom Embroidery & Design

Have a ribbon embroidered with your maiden name, your monogram, your initials, or a special quote, along with the date of your wedding, and sewn into the dress.
Bridal Keepsake/Memory Purse via Memories Under Glass

This beautiful purse is made from a vintage wedding gown, and accented with a vintage broach!  This is a lovely detail that could be part of the bride’s attire, and then used again after the wedding – something I love about little details, those ones that you can reuse and remember with every day!

What are you incorporating into your wedding, to continue your own memories or remember someone?