I had some time between meetings and weddings this weekend, and found myself at one of my favorite places: the craft store.  I had no particular items or needs in mind (a dangerous way to enter, to be sure! That’s when the yarn leaps off the shelves and into my basket), when I spied that faux flowers were 50% off, and I had an idea!


I picked up two already arranged bouquets, some corsage pins, and a wide satin ribbon that coordinated with the flowers.  When I got home, I taped (yes, with packing tape!) the stems together, then wrapped with ribbon, pinning and tucking with the corsage pins to hold it.

And voila – a rehearsal bouquet!


I’ve noticed that many of my brides don’t bring a rehearsal bouquet (you know – a paper plate with all of the ribbons from your bridal shower taped on it? or some lovely flowers a friend gathered for you outside?), and it’s a good idea to have one.  You can practice holding the bouquet as you walk down the aisle, holding hands with your fiance when one is occupied, and the hand off of the bouquet during the ceremony.  I’ve had a few brides recess out WITHOUT their bouquet, as they forget to collect it after the kiss, and, though it’s not a major problem, we want to get you as many lovely photo ops with that bouquet of yours as possible!


So this will go into my giant Celebrant emergency bag, and make its way to my wedding rehearsals, just in case the bride wants to practice with them!

[Please excuse the Maeby cat – she is certainly in love with these fake flowers! I had to put them in a cabinet to store, because she kept on attempting to eat them – apparently, they’re really enough to fool her!]