On their first date, Rachel and Stephen went on a short hike, in Jockey Hollow State Park in Morristown.  So it was only appropriate that they would take the walk together again, this time with a couple of friends and a Celebrant in tow, to make their wedding vows on a beautiful green overlook on a humid August day.


It was a very simple wedding ceremony, with just two witnesses, the friends who had introduced them.  What stuck out for me most of all was their choice of ring vows:

I give to you my love, my friendship, my life. This ring is a symbol of our eternal love for one another.  I promise you that from this day forward you shall not walk alone.

As they had literally just walked the path to this moment together, it was incredibly appropriate and beautiful to include.


So, barefoot in the woods, Rachel and Stephen made promises to each other, and share their first kiss as husband and wife (along with their dog, Bandit, who had also made an appearance on their first date!).

Congratulations, Rachel & Stephen!  Thank you for letting me share this amazing moment in your lives with you.  I know you will continue to walk your path, together.