This is Dyana & Vinnie last year, on August 8.


And here are Dyana & Vinnie, this year, on August 8!

I was lucky enough to perform the wedding of Dyana and Vinnie last August, literally on the sidewalks of Hoboken, at sunset.  It was an amazing, sweet, and intimate wedding, with only a few family and friends there to witness it.  We did a sand ceremony, with their son, a little more than a month old at the time of the wedding, symbolically pouring the final layer to show that he had completed their family.

And this year, a year to the day of their wedding, we gathered together again, this time with more family and friends, and celebrating Dyana & Vinnie’s commitment and marriage on the beach!

They brought the vessel of sand from their wedding last year, and we poured new layers, to symbolize their first year of marriage.  Their son, now a little more than a year old, symbolically poured the final layer, this time a mixture of white sand and sand from the beach!

At the end of the ceremony, EVERYONE gathered retreated to the ocean, to throw a stone into the water, and make a wish for Dyana & Vinnie’s marriage and life together.  It was oddly easy to wrangle 140 people down to the water, and it was a beautiful moment! me running in front to make sure everyone had stones?

Since Dyana and Vinnie did not exchange rings in this ceremony, I read “The Blessings of the Hands,” which we had read last year and combined with the ring vows.  It provided a nice ritual to use the bride and groom’s hands since they were not exchanging rings, and was nice to include as an echo of the year before’s ceremony.

Dyana and Vinnie, it was awesome to be a part of your wedding AGAIN!