Follow Along Ceremony.
Part 1: Meet Sarah & John!
Part 2: First Meeting, First Outline
Part 3: Creating Rituals
Part 4: Choosing the Readings

Sarah and John  didn’t have a bridal party, so they had a lot of unique and beautiful ways to incorporate their family (the Circle of Love, and reading introductions for the myriad of rituals they included) and friends (readings!).  They had one more unique way to incorporate their siblings: the vows.

Usually, the vows are read from a card, or prompted by the Celebrant.  But Sarah and John had Sarah’s brother and John’s sister come up, and stand with them during their vows, and prompt them with each line.  They also combined their ring vows with their vows, so after they spoke the vows, they placed the ring on the other’s finger.

And their vows were beautiful, heartfelt, funny, and emotional.  It was a sweet moment to have a few of their siblings in such an important part of the ceremony, and I loved how they really thought of fun ways to help their families and friends feel like a wonderful part of the wedding.

I promise that I will trust your words
and always be honest with you.

I promise that I will support your ambitions,
care for your cares,
and work to understand your worries.

I promise to comfort you when you are sad,
laugh with you when you are happy,
laugh at you when you are being silly,
and know the importance of laughing at myself.

I promise that I will listen to you
no matter how much or how little you have to say,
and appreciate when you say nothing at all.

I promise that I now see my family as yours,
your family as mine,
and look forward to loving the family that we create.

I promise to love and nurture you
in good times and in bad,
in sickness and in health.

These things I promise from now until the day that I die.

Here are some more beautiful pictures from Sarah and John’s wedding, courtesy of Cindy Patrick, their awesome photographer.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Sarah and John, thank you for trusting me with your wedding ceremony, and letting Dan and I be part of your celebration.  We had so much fun, and wish you both nothing but love and happiness in all of your life together.
Sarah’s brother Ian places a flower in the Circle of Love
Sarah and her parents wait to make their entrance
The bride during one of the readings!
The Tree Planting Ceremony
Potting the soil together
During another reading
You can see their Circle of Love here!
The Handfasting (John’s sister Brooke made the cord – isn’t it beautiful?)

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