I recently met with a couple who were interested in ways to incorporate their support of marriage equality in their wedding ceremony – so I turned to one of my favorite sources (the internet!) to find some good ideas for them.  I am proud to live in a state that offers civil unions (it’s a big step in the right direction!).


Officiating at the civil union of Jess & Lorrie

My favorite suggestions came from this A Practical Wedding blog post.  I really liked the idea of including a brief notice in your program:

Jessie and Dan believe that marriage is a universal human right, and look forward to the day that they can celebrate the joy and privilege of legal marriage with their LGBTQ friends and family.

Another suggestion that Meg had was, if you include a wine ceremony, to spill a few drops (kind of like at a Passover seder!) to suggest the sacrifices and sadness at the fact that our gay friends cannot have the same rights in marriage as we will.

White Knot

I also discovered the White Knot campaign, where you wear a small white knot, pinned to your shirt, to symbolize your support of Marriage Equality.  You’re encouraged to wear them EVERYWHERE and when people ask you about it – talk about it!  I hadn’t heard of this movement until this morning, but it’s one I really like, and is really simple to do.

PS: OffBeatBride is always a great resource for this, too, as well as a wonderful resource with some great “wedding porn” of gay weddings.