Hello blog readers!

I just wanted to throw up a post to say hi, and let you know of some exciting blog posts, coming your way by the end of December:

  • A beautiful at home wedding, including some fun Italian rituals, that the couple put together in two weeks!
  • A wedding ceremony that included a candle lighting ceremony, a foot washing, and was grounded in light, service, and the couple’s open discourse and pursuit of knowledge.
  • A breakdown of Eclectic Union’s first full year of weddings! And a sneak peek at what is going on for 2010!
  • Delicious photos of the cake served at Dan and my engagement party last weekend 🙂
  • Information on the charities I gave back to this year, thanks to my couples.

So you’ve got lots to look forward to!  I’m taking a brief vacation this weekend, but should be back in action early next week.  I hope your holidays and wedding plans are going well!