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As soon as September comes around, I start looking towards the trees, waiting for them to explode with color, and become bright and red and orange and yellow.  Fall is my favorite season – I love the slight chill in the air, the wonderful smells, PUMPKINS, apples, and that slightly soft and smoky scent you can catch in the air.

Now, take a wedding, and put it in the fall?  Totally my favorite!

So this week’s Esty Friday is inspired by my favorite season – August can’t end soon enough!  Autumn, I’m waiting for you!
[White Pumpkin Basket via April Hiler Designs]

I LOVE these little white pumpkin baskets, perfect for the flower girl to scatter petals out of, or even to have your bridesmaids carry with a small floral arrangement inside.  Beautiful!
[Garden Headpiece via Anca Pe’elma]

I love the whimsy of this delicate headpiece, the small pearls and soft creams and browns.  It would be beautiful with a champagne or ivory dress!
[Fall Wedding Cake Top via Original Creations by Apryl]

I love this cake topper – it looks like it came straight out of a peak October!  I think it would be beautiful on top of a cake, or as decoration on a guest book table or even as a centerpiece.
[Autumn Cake Knife Server via One Haute Hostess]

The colors are just awesome!  I love the wire wrapping, and the texture of the rocks against the silver of the cake cutter.  How cute would this be to cut a cake with that tree cake topper? Don’t they look like they belong together?
[Willow – Natural Harvest Comb via Which.Goose]

I love the natural and subtle feel of this hair comb.  It really captures the feeling of autumn, and would be beautiful as a fascinator with an ivory veil!
[Ring Bearer Pillow via I Do Take U!]

The bright colors, simple felt cut outs, and adorable little acorn would be fabulous carried down the aisle by your ring bearer!
[Personal Stickers by Sticker Doodle]

How much fun and personality does this little tree have!  These would be great to seal envelopes, or to mark favors.
[Enchanting Autumn Bout via Blue Flourish]

I love the combo of dried flowers, feathers, and silk eucalyptus leaves.  The purple is an unexpected but beautiful color choice!

What’s your favorite season?  Is your wedding drawing inspiration from it?


No, seriously.  You have to watch this!  Even my fiance loved it!

(And I TOTALLY cried at the end, when she danced down and he met her half way…)

I had some time between meetings and weddings this weekend, and found myself at one of my favorite places: the craft store.  I had no particular items or needs in mind (a dangerous way to enter, to be sure! That’s when the yarn leaps off the shelves and into my basket), when I spied that faux flowers were 50% off, and I had an idea!

I picked up two already arranged bouquets, some corsage pins, and a wide satin ribbon that coordinated with the flowers.  When I got home, I taped (yes, with packing tape!) the stems together, then wrapped with ribbon, pinning and tucking with the corsage pins to hold it.

And voila – a rehearsal bouquet!

I’ve noticed that many of my brides don’t bring a rehearsal bouquet (you know – a paper plate with all of the ribbons from your bridal shower taped on it? or some lovely flowers a friend gathered for you outside?), and it’s a good idea to have one.  You can practice holding the bouquet as you walk down the aisle, holding hands with your fiance when one is occupied, and the hand off of the bouquet during the ceremony.  I’ve had a few brides recess out WITHOUT their bouquet, as they forget to collect it after the kiss, and, though it’s not a major problem, we want to get you as many lovely photo ops with that bouquet of yours as possible!

So this will go into my giant Celebrant emergency bag, and make its way to my wedding rehearsals, just in case the bride wants to practice with them!

[Please excuse the Maeby cat – she is certainly in love with these fake flowers! I had to put them in a cabinet to store, because she kept on attempting to eat them – apparently, they’re really enough to fool her!]

Today’s Etsy Friday was inspired by a beautiful locket I spied on the front page of Etsy earlier this week.  I love when couples incorporate items that have a specific meaning or memory into their wedding ceremony, and the locket would be perfect to place a small photo in, and pin to the bride’s bouquet – a unique and beautiful way to remember someone close to your heart who can’t be there today.

This Etsy Friday explores ways to remember special people in your wedding, as well as ways to remember your wedding ceremony after it is over! via MStevevsonDesigns

This shop has beautiful enamal lockets in all different colors and shapes – perfect as an accessory with your dress, or to tie into your bouquet with a special photo – perhaps a loved one who has passed on, or simply a favorite photo of you and your fiance – creating a wonderful keepsake for after the wedding. Words on Canvas viaGeeZee’s Shop

Print your Love Story, a special reading, or your vows on canvas, to hang in your home, maybe next to a wedding photo?  I love the idea of being able to read a portion of your own wedding, to bring back vivid memories of the special day. Wedding Time Capsule via VonderBerry

Place a few items into this custom time capsule, to be opened and added to on your anniversaries – copies of your vows, maybe some dried flowers, a program, a place-card.. special little items you know you’ll want to keep and remember later.  They suggest adding a bottle of wine, too, to be opend and savored at a later point. Bridal Dress Label via LJO Custom Embroidery & Design

Have a ribbon embroidered with your maiden name, your monogram, your initials, or a special quote, along with the date of your wedding, and sewn into the dress.
Bridal Keepsake/Memory Purse via Memories Under Glass

This beautiful purse is made from a vintage wedding gown, and accented with a vintage broach!  This is a lovely detail that could be part of the bride’s attire, and then used again after the wedding – something I love about little details, those ones that you can reuse and remember with every day!

What are you incorporating into your wedding, to continue your own memories or remember someone?

xkcd is a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language.  It’s an interesting place to find inspiration, and I still haven’t found a way to incorporate them in a wedding ceremony, but their nerdy / geeky take on love and romance is something that always makes me smile.  My fiance sent me the above last night – here are some of my other romantic favorites.

I’ll start this blog post out with a little announcement: Gordon Bond, the groom from one of my favorite weddings at the Abraham Staats House in April, and the designer who made these amazing wedding invitations, is now custom designing wedding invitations! If you’re interested in contacting him to make some awesome invitations just for you, check out his new website – Custom Wedding Invitation Design by Gordon Bond – Custom Not Cliche.

Now, on to the Etsy Friday!

I’m super excited for my first beach wedding of the season tonight!  It’s been a rainy week here in New Jersey, but it looks like it’s going to be sunny with just some scattered showers today (*knock on wood*).  So, everyone, please put in some positive thoughts and good feelings to the weather today, and I hope that Jess and Kenny get a clear day so we can have the ceremony on the beach!  You’ll get to hear more about their ceremony next week. of 3 Signs via Funki Folk Art

I just love these custom designed signs!  Perfect for a beach or outdoor wedding, where the wedding site may be slightly hard to find, and adds a cool, rustic touch. Personalized Message in Sand via Capture Cape May

How cool is this!  They go down to the beach in Cape May, NJ, and write your message in the sand, photograph it for you, and send you the print.  For a beach wedding, this would be great to use as your thank you cards, decor at the venue, or even a great gift for the bride and groom! Headpiece via Anca Pe’elme

This beautiful headpiece is made up of pearls, shells, and little clay bubbles – perfect for bringing the beach into the bride’s attire.
Marry Me in Paradise
via Bunny With a Toolbelt

This display stand for custom cake toppers is a lovely way to bring a tropical flare to the reception as well.  You can pick which bridal party figurines you’d like from her shop, too. Bouquet via Chocolate Brooms & Bouquets

Love this seashell bouquet! Perfect for a destination wedding, as you can (very carefully) pack it in your suitcase. Embellished Letters via Tropical Cottage

These letters would be GREAT to decorate an altar / table for the ceremony, or used at the reception, perhaps decorating the sweetheart table or on the escort or guestbook table.

My friend Lindsey does an Etsy Friday every week on her blog – she takes a theme, and finds fabulous stuff on Etsy that fit within the theme.

I was going to do a straight wedding ceremony Etsy Friday, but then I started looking up the first item on my list – Ring Bearer Pillows/Bowls/Etc – and saw SO many great options that I knew it was going to take a few Fridays to hit them all!

So here’s the first installment – Ring Bearer Props!  And you don’t have to have a ring bearer to take advantage of these lovely details… if you have a table at the front with other props for the ceremony (unity candle, sand ceremony, wine, etc), you can add a ring pillow or a ring plate on there to store the rings until their big moment – and not have to worry about them!

I did a wedding in January that used these lovely little ring bowls from Paloma’s Nest.  I just love the simple elegance of them, and you can even get custom sayings printed!  Afterwards, it’s a sweet reminder of your wedding day, hung on the wall, or set up with a little plate frame on a shelf. [via Paloma’s Nest]

Lovely little love birds on a ceramic leaf, with ribbons to hold the ribbon on.  There are a ton of other bird inspired wedding accessories (including some adorable cake toppers!) in her shop, too! [via Rain’s End]

These pillows come with a matching tie!  And in her shop, you can get more ties for all of the men in the wedding can coordinate! [via Me and Matilda]
These plates are customized with a your name and wedding date.  Her shop has some more very cute options too (including “The Perfect Pear” with a little pear icon!). [via Just Wright Boutique]

I love that you can choose the colors and little flourish in the corner to match your wedding colors.  I also loved this one by the same seller, with a beautiful gathered purple velvet rose! [via Artful Beginnings]

This little ring nest is just so adorable! It would be perfect for a wedding in the woods! [via LuckeyU]

If you’re a little worried about your ring bearer losing the rings – keeping them safe in a box is a great option! [via Details! Creations] just love that this ring pillow is made from a vintage quilt.  If you have any sewers or quilters in your family or circle of friends – having them whip up a small quilt square to use as a pillow is an easy way to get a beautiful, personal pillow, imbued with some nice love! [via Sew.. That’s It]

I just love the colors of this pillow.. the bright green and teal contrast really beautifully with the textured pillow! [via Maihar Design]

Just a few of the many options to have your ring bearer carry on your day.  If you want to have a beautiful accent with these, but have a younger ring bearer or are scared that the rings may be lost – many people will tie fake rings to the pillow/bowl, with the best man and maid of honor holding the real ones (just in case).  That’s always an option to help alleviate last minute wedding jitters!

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