Over Memorial Day weekend, Donna and Ryan were married at Costa del Sol in Union, NJ.

Their wedding ceremony was so much fun! I knew from the moment we met that their ceremony was going to be really funny and very sweet. They both have a great sense of humor, and love to make each other laugh, and their ceremony really reflected that.

I loved the music they chose – the bridal party processed in to Iz’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (that’s the cool Hawaiian version), and the recessional was REM’s “End of the World”!

They have the sweetest proposal story, and I just have to share it with you!

Our couple went camping for the weekend of Father’s Day in 2007, and decided to hike up to the top of Sunrise Mountain. When they got to the top, Ryan sat down on a large rock, while Donna admired the view and took a few pictures. Eventually, Donna went and sat next to Ryan, and they enjoyed a few moments, just the two of them, alone at the top of the mountain, when Ryan interrupted with the ever loving sentiment of “I hate you” (part of their own personal couple witty banter). Donna gave her standard reply: “Well, you’re stuck with me forever!”

Ryan, of course, was expecting this, and pulled out a ring and said, “I was kind of hoping for that!”

Donna was astonished, and at a loss for words. It took her a few minutes (which felt like a MILLION HOURS to poor Ryan!) to finally say yes, through her tears. They say there for a moment, together, their first moment as an engaged couple, to catch their breathe, before carving their initials in the rock and heading back down to the camp. Donna couldn’t wait to call her friends and family, hoping she’d at least get in touch with a few of them before her cell phone died – she was on cloud nine!

But when they got to the bottom – she saw a car pulling up that looked a lot like Ryan’s brother’s car – and who should get out but Ryan’s dad and brother! Soon followed by Ryan’s mom and sister in law, Donna’s mom and stepdad, and Donna’s dad! Ryan had set up both families to come and meet them for a big dinner after the proposal, and his plan had gone off without a hitch! Donna says that it was the most amazing day of her life (so far!)

They also incorporated a handfasting, and they made a beautiful cord, in their wedding colors, with charms, bells, and celtic knots attached to it. Donna’s brothers were invited up to present the cord and wrap their hands.

Donna and Ryan, I had SO much fun with you! Congrats on your wedding!

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